Taika Waititi’s Best Movies & TV Shows, According to IMDb (2023)

New Zealand actor, writer, and director, Taika Waititi has celebrated an illustrious over the past two decades, and it looks like he has no plans to stop. Of course, many people will recognize him for his work in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Thor: Ragnarok and its highly-anticipated follow-up Thor: Love and Thunder, scheduled for release this summer.

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He rose to recognition alongside his partner in crime and comedy, Jermaine Clement, earning numerous awards and accolades along the way, including an Academy Award and a Grammy. Here is a ranking of his highest rated movies andTV shows from IMDb that he performed in, directed, wrote, and/or created.


Our Flag Means Death - 7.4

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Waititi has made a name for himself both in front of the camera and behind it, or in some cases, both at the same time, like in HBO Max’s period comedy Our Flag Means Death. In this new show, he stars as the legendary pirate, Blackbeard – he also serves as an executive producer and directed the pilot episode.

Our Flag Means Death showcases a unique interpretation of Blackbeard through his atypically-budding friendship with Captain Stede Bonnet, played by fellow Kiwi, Rhys Darby. Their connection and relationship is the true heart of the series. Perhaps Our Flag Means Death will rise in the rankings following the season finale on March 24th.

What We Do In The Shadows - 7.7

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A reason Taika Waititi was sought out for Thor: Ragnarok was for his many film credits as a writer, director, and actor, including in 2014’s What We Do in the Shadows. In tandem with Jermaine Clement, Waititi penned, directed, produced, and starred as Viago in this hilarious mockumentary that follows a group of vampires with archaic sensibilities living together in a flat in Wellington, New Zealand.

In what actually started out actually as a 2005 short film, now there is a growing franchise. Of course, there are the tv spin-off shows, including the FX series of the same name and Wellington Paranormal, but there are hopes thatWaititi and Clement would return with a movie sequel too.

Hunt For The Wilderpeople - 7.8

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In 2016, Waititi adapted the book Wild Pork and Watercress by Barry Crump into the highest-grossing film in New Zealand film history, Hunt for the Wilderpeople. It united Jurassic Park’s Sam Neill and Julian Dennison –before he was knownas Russell in Deadpool 2 – as a foster family forced to flee from law enforcement into the New Zealand wilds.

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As the director, Waititi was able to connect this unlikely pair to create an eternally endearing story, globally acclaimed and charmingfor its eccentricity. In fact, Hunt for the Wilderpeople earned numerous praises at the 2017 New Zealand Film and TV Awards, including Best Film, Best Director, Best Actor for Dennison, and Best Supporting Actor for Neill.

Jojo Rabbit - 7.9

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Another film that launched Waititi to popular and critical commendation is 2019’s Jojo Rabbit. He not only wrote and directed the comedy-drama, but he also appeared as the titular character’s imaginary friend, stylized on Hitler. He earned his first Academy Award – Best Adapted Screenplay – for Jojo Rabbit, and it was also nominated for Best Picture.

The anti-hate film ispoignant andpolarizing – a comedy that entertains while also making the audience feel uncomfortable. To some Jojo Rabbit seemingly humorized Nazism, but many critics have noted that the humanizing of this dark moment in history is important in understanding it fully.

Thor: Ragnarok - 7.9

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Waititi did the unexpected when he joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Thor: Ragnarok, in what turned out to be an incredibly consequential decision. Thor has had an unfortunate and shaky life as a character in the MCU from lackluster responses, even from Chris Hemsworth himself, to his previous films and storylines.

Yet, Waititi was able to revitalize the character into becoming the true God of Thunder, unlocking the wit and charisma that had been lacking. Of course, this was not his only role in the film – it also introduced the masses to their new favorite Kronan revolutionary, Korg. Waititi will be returning as both director and performer in the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder, set to release on July 8th.

Reservation Dogs - 8.1

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As a writer, Taika Waititi has lent his creative mind to numerous tv shows including FX on Hulu’s Reservation Dogs, which he co-created with Sterlin Harjo. The series’ first season premiered in Fall 2021, and it was quickly renewed for a second season. It follows four Indigenous teenagers making plans to move out to California a year after one of their friends dies.

Reservation Dogs became an overnight success, being named as one of the bestTV shows of 2021 by numerous publications and magazines. It is popular not only for its portrayal of Indigenous stories – which has been seriously lacking in movies, TV, and pop culture – but also for capturing a relatable sense of disquiet and restlessness.

Avengers: Endgame - 8.4

Taika Waititi’s Best Movies & TV Shows, According to IMDb (7)

Waititi returned as Korg in select segments in one of the biggest events of film and pop culture history, Avengers: Endgame. Viewers were gifted with yet another hilarious moment to enjoy the ever-sanguine Korg when they got to see him playing video games with Miek and Thor. Of course, Korg was also part of the iconic “Avengers Assemble” moment too, joining the fight for his new home against Thanos.

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While Waititi’s presence was minimal in this jam-packed movie, he still provided all the motion-capture. However,Avengers: Endgameis not the last time they saw Korg. Over summer 2021 Waititi as Korg with Ryan Reynold as Deadpool promoted their film,Free Guy.

Flight Of The Conchords - 8.6

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Before What We Do in the Shadows, Taika Waititi joined Jermaine Clement as a writer and director for several episodes of his HBO show Flight of the Conchords. The Emmy-Award nominated comedy follows the New Zealand musical comedy duo of the same name, starring Clement and Bret McKenzie, Rhy Darby – a fellow frequent collaborator with Waititi – Kristen Schaal, and Arj Barker.

Many other prominent actors and comedians have had recurring or guest roles in Flight of the Conchords, including Kristen Wiig, Aziz Ansari, Patton Oswalt, and Will Forte. Waititi himself even cameoed in an uncredited role in one episode that he directed.

What We Do In The Shadows - 8.6

Taika Waititi’s Best Movies & TV Shows, According to IMDb (9)

FX certainly struck gold when they greenlit the What We Do in the ShadowsTV show. Since its premiere in 2019, it has become of one the most popular shows on the network, earning an Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Comedy Series. This installment into the comedy-horror franchise stars Kayvan Novak, Matt Berry, Natasia Demetriou, Harvey Guillén, and Mark Proksch.

It captures the tone of the original film while expanding the lore and infusing even more humor into it. One of the best moments still to this day comes at the end of season one when Nandor, Lazlo, and Nadja stand trial in front of the Vampiric Council, in which Waititi reprises as Viago for.

The Mandalorian - 8.8

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Marvel is not the only massive franchise that Taika Waititi has importantly contributed to – he also joined the team for Star WarsThe Mandalorian in season one. He voiced the assassin droid IG-11 – continuing a trend of comedians voicing droid – for which he was nominated for an Emmy Award for Outstanding Character Voice-Over Performance.

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Waititi, furthermore, directed the season one finale, “Chapter 8: Redemption,” and although IG-11 did not survive, Waititi certainly made a lasting impact. He helped solidify The Mandalorian as the future of the Star Wars franchise, and now fans are eagerly waiting for the proposed film he is set to direct.

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